Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CSN Giveaway - this giveaway is complete

CSN Stores is once again offering up a $50 gift card to use at one of their 200 online stores. Go here to check out the many ways you could splurge on yourself or someone you love...or me :)

To enter to win share 3 things on your summer to do list for the month of July...

Here are a few items on my July list:

Sandy toes on the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. 

Strawberry picking.

Visiting my grandpa and other relatives at a Sunday picnic.

Smore's over a fire in our backyard.

Late night game of Hearts against my brother-in-law Andy.

More time at the pool.

More time at the beach.

Making Vanilla Rainbow pudding pops with the boys.

A winner will be selected next Wednesday, July 8th. I will offer one other chance to win in the next week!

So share 3 things you are hoping to do, accomplish, relish, challenge yourself with...this second month of summer! 

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